One Year Ago This Month…

This film expired from last year, the famous Agfaphoto Vista 200 which is also known as the ‘Poundland Film’. Around 2016 or 2017, I had purchased as many rolls as I could find from local Poundland branches after the company had announced they would no longer be selling them. Not all doom and gloom though, around two years later another film brand would take its place called Power Geek, but it is far from a Pound…

At the time of writing this blog entry, I have at least thirty six rolls of the film left. I may have a couple lying around in the house somewhere, who knows? I did decide to save them for a long while and thought I could put a few into use before the year is over and possibly next year as well.

It is a pretty decent film and I have shot with it many times over the years on my cameras. Despite its 24 exposures and with it allegedly being repackaged Fujifilm, it was definitely worth the Pound or in my case spending approximately over forty pounds to buy as many as I could afford or what was available.

Anyway, to finish this post I would like to present a few photos I have shot using the Poundland Film with my trusty Canon EOS 500n. Many of them taken before the December 2018 expiry. Enjoy! 

Cagnes – Sur – Mer near Nice, France (April 2018)
La Spezia, Italy (April 2018)
Street food market in Camden, London (November 2017)
Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France (April 2018)
In my hostel room in Nice, France (April 2018)
Old Town in Nice, France (April 2018)
Metro station in Paris, France (October 2016)

3 thoughts on “One Year Ago This Month…

  1. I did a similar things and ‘binge bought’ a load of it just before it disappeared. It’s all still in my fridge though as I never really shoot colour. I just felt it necessary to buy some film for a pound while I still could…

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