The Petrol Station Series: Streatham Station Stop

Note: Apologies in advance, a little long overdue. I had typed up this blog post a few weeks ago but never had the chance to post it. I got three more posts until the first series is over.

The Series went to South London, however it was planned at the very last minute.

I happened to be down the Streatham area with my friend, initially wanting to shoot a few petrol stations in Croydon which is a fair distance away. Anyway, I decided to stay around the Streatham area as the stations were in close proximity.

The first stop was near my friend’s house, in fact we had passed it on the bus en route to Croydon. I was so excited when I saw it from the top deck and thought I had to definitely shoot it once we passed there again. I did eventually from across the road when I left my friend’s house.

Shell – Rowan Road, Streatham

The other two petrol stations in Streatham were Applegreen on the main road, and Esso which is tucked away on Strenhold Avenue. I wanted to shoot more that night but I was tired after a long day, plus I wanted to get home before it got too late.

Applegreen – Streatham
Esso – Strenhold Avenue, Streatham

Thankfully, I would revisit South London again a few months later to do a third instalment of the Petrol Station Series which I recently completed it over a month ago. I went to Streatham again and a few other surrounding places such as West Norwood, Clapham and Croydon. Like the first and second series, I captured shots in one take on an Olympus Mju 1, however I decided shoot it in black and white; I chose to shoot with a roll of an expired Kodak Tmax 3200. I will unveil the third series once I unveil the second one later on in the year. I am so happy that I have completed it!! I probably took over a hundred petrol stations by now!!

Take care and stay safe!

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