Tried and Tested Thursday: Canon Z135 – Kodak Tmax 3200 (expired) – A Little Night Photography

For today’s first part of Tried and Thursday, I will be talking about shooting a roll of expired Kodak Tmax 3200 on a Canon Z135.

I began the new year testing out the Kodak Tmax 3200, which expired back in November 2019. I had initially purchased six or five rolls from Analogue Wonderland at a discounted price, and then a month later I would buy another one that would expire the following month of January. I would eventually use this January roll for the next part of my Petrol Station Series.

I decided to try out the Tmax 3200 on a Point and Shoot Canon camera. Like most P&S cameras, there are no manual settings, such as controlling the ISO, shutter or aperture, so I chanced it. I decided to take a few night shots after my shift from work enroute to home, beginning from the zebra crossing, roundabout and street lights, all the way through to the two petrol stations I would pass by and a couple of trees. It may not be as ‘interesting’ however it gave me the chance to find out if high speed film and artificial light go hand-in-hand together. It did prove that once scanning the negatives (and I’m yet to produce  darkroom prints), although the grain was a little fuzzy yet subtle. I didn’t seem to mind; the higher the speed, the more grain you’ll get.

These shots are only tests for now, however I have plans to use the remaining Tmax 3200 rolls on my other cameras in the near future, especially on my Canon EOS 500n SLR with different colour filters: orange, yellow and red. I may consider shooting the film during the day or late afternoon to see if the grain will differ in certain light conditions. Also I would like to do the same with portrait photography on my Canon 50mm 1.8 lens with a couple rolls of the film, just to see a comparison as well in variety genres or styles.

The possibilities are endless with high ISO films!!

Take care and stay safe

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