The Petrol Station Series: Stations of The North

I apologise for the delay of posting the Petrol Station Series regularly, but I have been so sidetracked recently and thankfully I will be posting the last two entries of the series this week!! Yes, it is almost coming to an end. Fear not, the second series will be coming very soon!!

My petrol station stroll of the evening was in North London which I only shot three on that night, all within a short distance from each other but still had to go on a bus to speed everything up. Mind you it was summer and it got darker gradually after eight.

The first stop was Texaco on Seven Sisters Road, which is not far from Finsbury Park Station and directly opposite the park. The petrol station was near empty – a repeat trend throughout the series and even beyond. Quick snap and moved onto the next one by bus and I would soon find out it was around the corner.

Texaco – Seven Sisters Road

Second stop was Harvest Energy on Stapleton Hall Road, still in the Finsbury Park area and I found out it was a ten minute walk from the station (I walked back there afterwards). It is a very small petrol station with only four pumps. This was the first time I had seen Harvest Energy, in fact I don’t think there are a lot in London to my knowledge although the company was founded in 1993.

Harvest Energy – Finsbury Park
Sainsburys – Green Lanes

The third and last petrol station of the night was Sainsburys in Green Lanes, situated in a retail park off the main road. I think I had to walk through a McDonalds to get there as it was hidden away. The station was near empty with a few cars however there were a few cones near the pumps which could mean: out of service (no more fuel) or the station was closed for the night. It was probably past nine by the time I had shot this. I didn’t keep a record of days and dates I had taken snaps of different petrol stations, although I had a list on a Google Document that changed often depending on location and time I had to shoot. What I do know is these selected shots were taken either late July or beginning of August as I had almost completed the series by then. I probably had five or so exposures left on the film.

I was done for the night but I did consider shooting a few nearby stations if I had the energy or time, it was getting late and I wanted to go home. Maybe I might explore the petrol stations I had missed out in another series depending on what direction I might take in the future. It was fun doing the first series during the summer, and I had so much positive feedback from others mainly friends, family, other photographers and via social media. This project makes me feel happy and I enjoy what I do the most.

Take care and stay safe

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