The Petrol Station Series: Finally!!!

After spending weeks of trekking around London shooting and exploring petrol stations, my series finally ended on a high Sunday 4th August 2019.

I shot the last two stations in Leytonstone with them being less than a mile apart, a walking distance around ten minutes. I was finally relieved after hearing the film rewinding on the camera. I had never thought twice that this series would go far and beyond, especially during a time I was struggling with both my mental and emotional health. This was possibly a lifesaver for me and I am so proud of what I achieved.

My final journey is local to me in Leytonstone, where I was born almost twenty nine years ago. A few famous faces hail from the area, include footballer David Beckham; photographer David Bailey, singer and member of Blur Damon Albarn; TV presenter June Sarpong, and the most famous of them all film director Alfred Hitchcock.

My first stop is at Jet, which is directly opposite Alfred Hitchcock’s birthplace on Leytonstone High Road. The petrol station has a small convenience store, a car wash and weirdly enough a chicken shop called Chicks. It was empty and eerie, something not unusual for most stations late at night, although whenever I go through Leytonstone during the day, Jet doesn’t always appear to be as busy. However in recent times due to the Covid-19 plus the lockdown in place, the high road has been very quiet.

Jet – Leytonstone High Road

The next and last stop of the series was Harvest, also on Leytonstone High Road. Literally a straight fifteen minute walk from Jet. By the time I arrived there, it was closed for the night as the shop shutters were down. It was probably after 10pm plus some petrol stations close earlier than others, some even before or after midnight. This was the second Harvest station I had seen so far in the series, the first being in Finsbury Park.

Harvest – Leytonstone High Road

So that was it. Film finally finished, ready to get processed and then the negatives scanned.

After little planning, constant changes and delays – I did it! I finally completed the Petrol Station Series!

I would like to personally thank everyone who has supported me and this project. I really much appreciated it throughout and beyond. It has kept me going and motivated to continue being creative!!

Thankfully, this will not be the last of the Petrol Station Series as Part 2 will be coming around the corner very soon…

Take care and stay safe

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