The Petrol Station Series 3: Down and Up The Hill

The third series began on Saturday 8th February 2020 in Brixton when I loaded an expired roll of Kodak Tmax 3200 into my Olympus Mju 1. From there my photographic journey officially started.

My first stop was Esso in Tulse Hill, which isn’t far from Brixton. I originally wanted to take the bus from Brixton to the petrol station, however I decided to walk there instead. It took at least twenty minutes, plus I went through a few back streets on my way. Luckily, it was early evening around 6pm, so the sky didn’t go completely dark just yet.

Esso – Tulse Hill

The next stop was Texaco on Norwood Road in West Norwood. It was my first time going to West Norwood, and I took the bus straight from Tulse Hill. Like the previous station, this Texaco is quite big however it was near empty at the time of shooting. This would appear to be a recurring theme for the next few stations throughout the series.

Texaco – Norwood Road, West Norwood

Walking up to the third stop was another Texaco on Knight’s Hill, still in West Norwood and less than a mile away from the previous Texaco.

Texaco – Knight’s Hill, West Norwood

The last petrol station of the night was Esso on Leigham Court Road in Streatham. This stop is near Applegreens and Esso off Brixton Hill; I shot these two stations for the first series last summer. I had originally planned to shoot this stop when I started the series, but it didn’t make the last minute cut.

Esso – Leigham Court Road, Streatham

My first night in South London was over, not for too long when I would return back the following week!!

Take care and stay safe

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