The Petrol Station Series 3: Two For Tuesday

It was Tuesday 11th February, I was down in Brixton again, this time for my evening darkroom session at Photofusion, however I went out for a bit to shoot a couple petrol stations on London Road. What I had initially thought would be a ‘brief’ trip, turned into an hour bus ride there and back on a cold February night.

The two stations on London Road were Harvest Energy and Tesco, ten minutes apart from each other walking distance. Although on the same road, they are in two different areas and even have different postcodes.

Harvest Energy is in Norbury, neighbouring Streatham which is over a mile away. This was the third Harvest I had shot since starting the project from last year; one in Finsbury Park and the second in Leytonstone both from the first series.

Harvest Energy – London Road, Norbury

The second and last stop was Tesco in Thornton Heath, which is in the Croydon borough. Although recently there has been some debate online on what part of South London Croydon is in. The Tesco station is less than a mile away from the previous stop, just a straight walk up on the same side of the road.

Tesco – London Road, Thornton Heath

My not-so-brief journey ended there, so it was time to head back to Photofusion where I had a delicious vegan pizza waiting for me. Spoiler alert: it was quite warm once I arrived back!!

Take care and stay safe

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