Tried and Tested Thursday: Promenade Des Anglais – Canon EOS 500n with Lomography CN 100

For today’s Tried and Tested Thursday, I will be talking about shooting a roll of Lomography Color Negative 100 on my Canon EOS 500n camera.

Another holiday throwback from my trip to Nice back of April 2018. I was travelling through Southern France to Northern Italy for a week, mainly around Nice and Cinque Terre respectively.

I packed so much film with me that week probably around forty rolls, I began shooting for shooting sake. In retrospect, I could have brought only twenty rolls or even less with me. It would have been convenient as it would make the workflow easier and less stressful, especially with the costs of processing and finding the time to scan negatives. Thankfully that lesson was learnt when I would return back to Nice the following year.

I have been buying and shooting Lomography films since 2017, mostly colour. I am not a massive fan of their monochrome (or black and white) stock. In the past, I bought limited edition films such as the Lomography F2 400, and most recently their new Kino range Berlin and Potsdam.

I didn’t know what to expect while I was shooting with Lomography CN 100 when I went down to Promenade Des Anglais. On that day the sky was bright, I don’t think I saw a cloud in sight, and the scenery was absolutely amazing. It was all quick candid snapshots along the Promenade of people relaxing by the sea or sitting on the blue metal chairs. I originally started shooting the film from Niceville train station working my way to the beach area, close to the port.

Once I returned back to London (and then fly out again to Germany within a week), I got my films processed at Photofusion and I would eventually scan the negatives at home. Initially I wasn’t overly impressed with the Lomo results from the Promenade Des. Anglais, that wasn’t until I showed them at the Saturday Sessions at Photofusion, a once monthly get together with other photographers discussing and showing work. I didn’t produce any prints of them at this point, so the best I did was show the scans through a slideshow on my Macbook.

From there, I started to appreciate the results as I loved the pastel feel to the scans – they weren’t edited on Photoshop, only added the faint watermark on the corner. Then I became an instant fan of Lomography CN 100 and started more of the film. I began creating a mini series from my time in Nice through my Instagram, plus planned out a zine based on the scans that I was hoping to release last year however that idea fell through. There is hope in the near future to revisit.

Sometimes I go through these photos on my computer and can’t help how proud I am. They are probably one of the best I have produced to date. Since then I have made colour (even black and white) darkroom prints of them, as well as submit a few to the yearly Salon at Photofusion in late 2018.

Choosing a low speed film was the right decision, but had I selected a high speed film ranging from ISO 400 the results would have been completely different. Possibly a little washed out or overexposed, however I did bring along Ilford HP5 and Rollei Retro 400s, which are both high speed films. I guess black and white films are a little forgiving in the sense that it can be versatile and great for further processing either the darkroom or a computer editing programme.

I would repeat this for the second time when I return to Nice the following April. The same Lomography film but different camera which was the Olympus Mju 1, something a little lightweight and smaller, plus easier to carry around. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet up to the expectations from the previous success from last year. The results for me felt a little ‘flat’, however I put them into great use for posting on social media.

Lomography films can be a hit and miss, like most things in life. I think the Lomography’s strength was with the Canon SLR, also possibly being at the right place at the right time.

Later on that day I would revisit the Promenade, this time shooting with a roll of Rollei Superpan 200 with a Jessops Orange filter attached to the lens. Almost duplicating the same style, technique and concept I had done a few hours before.

Take care and stay safe

6 thoughts on “Tried and Tested Thursday: Promenade Des Anglais – Canon EOS 500n with Lomography CN 100

  1. I like both sets of Nice photos but I can see what you mean about the flatness. Goes to show the lens really does make a difference! Looking forward to the zine 😉

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