The Petrol Station Series 3: Lucky Lewisham

It was Monday 24th February, the last Monday of the month and the beginning of a new week. My evening was spent around Lewisham where I shot four petrol stations in the area.

My first stop was Tesco on Conington Road, next to the superstore and behind Lewisham DLR station. I had shot the stop from the empty car park, with the sky still a little bright despite it being early evening.

Tesco – Conington Road, Lewisham

The second stop was Esso on Loampit Vale, also a Tesco Express. It’s not too far from the first stop, which is walking distance, and close to the same DLR station.

Tesco Esso – Loampit Vale, Lewisham

The next station was BP on Lee High Road, in which I took the bus there. It had been a long while since going to Lewisham, but I can never forget Lee High Road. I remember buying my first Morley’s meal down there many years ago as a teenager; I think I had chicken and chips… Back to BP, this one also has a M&S Simply Food store (a smaller version of Marks and Spencers), something that is quite common to see at most BP branches.

BP – Lee High Road, Lewisham

My night in Lewisham was almost over when I went to the last petrol station, Shell on Lewisham High Street. Another bus ride and then a walk, from what I can remember. I think I walked through a park and a pathway near to the hospital, which happened to be opposite Shell!!

Shell – Lewisham High Street

My brief evening in Lewisham ended and I returned to the DLR station to go home, before going back made a quick stop at Canary Wharf for a hot chocolate run at Caffe Nero.

The week would go fast with the Series almost evening; I would go back to Croydon twice, go through Balham, and then face unwanted attention on my last night of shooting.


Take care and stay safe

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