The Petrol Station Series 3: Croydon Chronicles

NOTE: Apologies for the late delay in posting. I didn’t write the entry up until the very last minute. I was hoping to get it done and published as soon as possible on either Saturday or Sunday. I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday 25th February, I was back in Croydon again. I think I had been through Croydon more times than the Apollo 8 going around the moon! Thankfully, I was only shooting four petrol stations in the area, which was a reasonable distance from each other.

There are two petrol stations on Brighton Road in South Croydon. First one was Esso, also known as MFG Whitgift – quite fitting as the Whitgift Centre is a mile away down the town centre. Although Esso is on Brighton Road, I shot it from the side on Haling Road. Close to the station, there is a Volvo car dealership on the opposite side, and a car repairs literally yards away.

Esso – Brighton Road, Croydon

The second stop was Shell, on the same road but a ten minute walk away not even a mile apart. This stop is surrounded by a high road full of fast food places, restaurants and even a pub!

Shell – Brighton Road, Croydon

Third station of the night was another Shell (surprise, surprise) on Whitehorse Road. It was a bus ride to get there, which is down the other side of Croydon and even passed the town centre again!

Shell – Whitehorse Road, Croydon

The fourth and final stop was Esso (yes, another one!) on Lower Addiscombe Road. Not far from the previous stop, despite taking the bus there as it was late and cold. The station is actually in Addiscombe, still in the Croydon area; famous for its trams and supermodel Kate Moss, who hails from there. This Esso is also a Tesco Express, unlike the first one on Brighton Road. This stop has a few interesting surrounding ‘neighbours’ – from a Methodist church, a Scouts group, Chinese language school, business management consultancy to singing lessons.

Esso – Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon

The night ended in Croydon, again. Now it was time to go return back to the East. I would return back there a couple days later to finish off the series once and for all.

Take care and stay safe

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