Film Friday: Fuji Acros in 35mm and 120 (Expired)

For today’s Film Friday, I selected Fuji Acros in both 35mm and 120, which expired in October of last year.

In 2018, Fuji announced that they were discontinuing Acros, alongside other films such as the Superia 200 and Natura 1600. However a year later, Fuji would release another version of Acros, known as Acros II.

In the summer of 2018, I had bought ten rolls of Acros in 35mm and a pack of five in 120. As of September 2020, I have three rolls in both formats remaining. A few months ago, I shot a single 35mm roll for an upcoming nature series, using a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens with an orange filter. The 120 roll was also used on the same day for the same series, using a Yashica TLR camera.

Acros has the finest grain, thanks to its low ISO of 100 with the contrast and tones being on point. I first shot with it in Switzerland back in 2017 on a Canon compact. I had no free rein with the settings on the camera, such as shutter or aperture, however the results came out quite good once processed and scanned.

The Acros was the film for the Point and Shoot cameras out there, as proven again when I took a few rolls with me to Nice last year, shooting with my trusty Olympus Mju 1. The main advantages on this trip was the sky was bright and sunny on some days, a lovely combo for the slow speed films to capture shadow and tones. The Acros did simply deliver that when shooting on the beach or around small towns.

Not only the film is great on compacts, also colour filters too especially on SLR or manual cameras. I did try it out on a Jessops brand yellow filter last summer on the Canon EOS 500n, and spoke in length on my Tried and Tested Thursday post a couple months ago.

It hasn’t always been plain sailing with Fuji Acros. A couple years back I shot a 120 roll on my Holga, not knowing the camera was on the ‘bulb’ mode hence why the results came out shaky and blurry, which has the potential of producing darkroom prints with an enlarger. Slightly disappointed, initially despite it being done on my error. I would try shooting the film again on the Holga, this time the outcome might be clearer.

Now I have six remaining rolls in both formats, expired almost a year ago, I am considering putting them into great use in the future. I was thinking of using my usual cameras or shooting them on completely different cameras, and see if there is a comparison in terms of quality.

Take care and stay safe

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