Film Friday: Kodak Pro Image in 35mm (Expired)

For today’s Film Friday, I selected Kodak Pro Image 100 in 35mm, which expired January of last year.

I bought a pack of five from Analogue Wonderland this time last year, after it was discounted from its original price. I already have a few rolls of Pro Image currently in my stash, from a previous purchase a couple years back.

Now there is three: The Pro Image purchased from Analogue Wonderland last year

Despite shooting with Pro Image once a couple years ago, I was interested in trying out a couple rolls on my Canon SLR, using a 50mm 1.8 lens.

So I went around London’s East End, such as Brick Lane to do a spot of street photography. Also I went nearby to the famous Square Mile – the City of London, a financial district, well known for the London Stock Exchange, Bank of England, also its historic and modern architecture and buildings.

Pro Image is mainly for daylight shooting, hence why the 100 speed. Although its colour balance is versatile for almost everything, bringing a warm tone with subtle saturation.

The film is similar to Kodak Gold and Kodak Ektar, in terms of results; a combination of colour vibrance and saturation. Having used both mentioned films before (many times), the resemblance and comparison is almost as close. Thankfully a single roll of Pro Image is slightly cheaper than the two films, which can be bought from Analogue Wonderland – sadly it is sold out at the time of writing.

With some spare rolls left, I will take advantage of what I can use them for next. I was thinking of possibly shooting some portrait photography or trying my hand with nature photography again.

Take care and stay safe

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