Monday Monthly Mentions – March 2021: Slide Film, Small Museums, Seaside Towns and a Broken Camera

I had four 120 slide film rolls processed at AG Photo Lab; here is one of the negs on my lightbox at home
  • Finally got my slide film negatives developed!! I had them processed at AG Photo Lab, a photographic processing and printing company based in Birmingham. The turnover time was a week, which was worth the wait and anticipation. I haven’t scanned the negatives yet, most likely later on in the week. Afterwards I will be sharing the results on a Tried and Tested Thursday post later on this month.
  • One of my cameras is broken – not completely broken but it might be fixable. My Canonet 28’s rewind crank came off, possibly to the pressure when winding the film. It was the second time shooting with the camera despite purchasing it a few years ago off eBay. I am considering whether I should get it repaired or not…
  • In camera related news: I finally used my Canon Z135 for the first time in a year!! I managed to replace the batteries a few weeks back. It was a little long overdue though.
  • There is the smallest museum in Switzerland, it is in Basel and is a window display in a 600 year old house. Surprisingly, I never knew of this until I found this link a couple weeks ago – despite having been to Basel twice-ish.
  • There are more museums to see in Switzerland, this time in Lausanne. My regret while in Lausanne months ago, I didn’t go to see the Collection de l’Art Brut, a museum dedicated to Outsider Art.
  • An interesting article from Refinery29 on relocating or moving to places without or little connections. There have been times when I wanted to leave London and move elsewhere, preferably to another country. My main worries are making new friends and settling in, although there is the financial side and of course finding employment. The women in the article discuss their experiences on moving away from their hometowns and how it has impacted them.
  • Last month was a frozen February, all ponds and lakes were completely frozen – thanks to the temperature being below minus 2. I went to Lloyd Park in Walthamstow and the pond was just pure ice, however the weather wasn’t as chilly as previous days.
Frozen Pond in Lloyd Park in Walthamstow last month

Take care and stay safe

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