Film Friday: Lomography Color Negative 400 in 35mm (Expired)

For today’s Film Friday, I selected Lomography Color Negative 400 in 35mm, which only expired quite recently in February of this year!!

I had planned on taking two packs of Lomo CN 400 with me to NYC, but changed my mind at the very last minute

I originally bought three packs from The Photography Show back in March 2019. The Lomo Store had a stall set up there, selling films, accessories and cameras at discounted prices.

This hasn’t been my first Lomo experience at the yearly convention, I went there back in 2017 and bought a variety of Lomo film in ISOs of 100, 400 and 800 – some in 35mm and 120.

I haven’t bought much Lomo film recently, I only have the expired packs of 35mm in 400 and 100 ISO in a drawer, just waiting for its eventual use. As well as a fridge of limited edition watermarked rolls.

I did however have two expired rolls in 400, recently shot with. Both expired in February 2020, both used in February of this year!! Loaded on two different manual cameras, an Olympus XA2 and Canonet 28 – I might do a possible Tried and Tested Thursday of the outcome soon.

Maybe use them a year later in February 2022?

Lomography CN 400 is my choice of colour film for almost everything – even at its speed, it’s standard and versatile for both day and night shots of any photographic style.

The great thing about Lomography film is that most of them come in packs of three rolls, which is reasonably price. Although Analogue Wonderland does stock single rolls in both 35mm and 120, for those who prefer buying them individually.

Lomography CN 400 is definitely the film to add as part of the collection, plus it’s worth the shooting experience whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast or professional. Also great for experimenting around on various cameras, from SLR’s, pinholes, toy cameras to basic Point and Shoot’s.

It’s endless!!

Take care and stay safe

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