Monday Monthly Mentions – May 2021: Me Time, Upcoming Post-Lockdown Exhibitions, New Instant Cameras, Box Cameras and Malta Street Photography

Peacock strutting his stuff down Holland Park. Amazed onlookers like myself
  • Last month I had some much needed ‘me-time’ on my days off, going to Holland Park and Greenwich Park for the first time in years. I went to the parks on different days, bringing along both my Olympus Trip 35 and Kodak Brownie cameras. Testing them out, now I am waiting for the film to be processed.
  • On the subject of box cameras, Amateur Photographer has an article discussing its uses and also demonstrates on how to load one with the same exact camera I got!!
  • In an Instant: Polaroid launches the ‘world’s smallest analogue instant camera’, the Polaroid Go. Costing £109.99 from the official website, you can buy it from other retailers such as Urban Outfitters or Currys. Fujifilm has recently released another instant camera, the Instax Mini 40 and seems it takes the same Instax film.
  • Since lockdown has eased a bit in the UK, there are a handful of exhibitions and shows worth seeing from this month towards summer (although some are ending quite soon). There are a few that I’m interested in seeing at some point.
  • Malta Streets on Camera: Daria Troitskaia spoke to Times of Malta on her photographic series ‘Maltese Exposures’, which she was fascinated by the mix of ‘modern and retro motifs’ while based on the small Mediterranean island. She uses both digital and analogue cameras whenever shooting, which mostly consists of documentary and portrait photography.
  • Italian Photography Job: American photographer Scott Kelby stated his favourite place to photograph is in Italy; listing his preferred cities and regions, reasons why plus a food recommendation at the end.
  • ‘Taste’ by Chinese photographer Li Huaifeng won the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year, which is a photograph of a family preparing a meal in China. There are some other submissions towards the competition from photographers across the world.

Take care and stay safe

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