Film Friday: Fuji Acros II in 35mm and 120

For today’s Film Friday, I selected Fuji Acros II in both 35mm and 120.

This film has been on the list for a while, although buying the two rolls around a week ago from Parallax.

Second Time Round: Acros made a comeback a year later after being discontinued…

Last year’s Film Friday was the original Acros in both formats, which had expired in October 2019. At the time of writing, I have two rolls each 35mm and 120.

The original film had been discontinued back in 2018, however over a year later Fuji would soon relaunch a second version of Acros.

Unlike the original 120 film, Acros II in medium format doesn’t come in a pack of five, instead it comes in a single roll. Many Fuji 120 films out there often come in a single roll or a pack, just like other brands such as Kodak or Lomography. Probably works out cheaper to buy them in a pack rather than single.

I’m yet to try the two films out, but I do have a couple cameras in mind that I would like to test it on – the Olympus Trip 35 and Lubitel 166b. It would be interesting to see the outcome after processing. Would it be better than the original? Would it be a film worth buying again?

Shootitwithfilm and The Darkroom have posted some examples from shooting with Acros II, by comparing it side-to-side with the original Acros.

Take care and stay safe

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