Tried and Tested Thursday: A Day Trip to The Park – Olympus Trip 35 with Kodak Ektar

For today’s Tried and Tested Thursday, I will be talking about shooting a roll of Kodak Ektar on an Olympus Trip 35.

Earlier this year, I bought an Olympus Trip 35 from eBay. The camera was in good condition, which I bought for around £65 as I made an offer with the seller. I had been wanting the Trip for a while, although some of the prices on eBay were too high, some at almost £200. I was fortunate to have bagged myself a bargain at the right time!!

Cherry Blossom Season: The entrance to the Kyoto Garden, unfortunately it was closed on that day

I must mention how surprised I was to see how small the Olympus Trip was when I first received it. I originally thought it would be a big and bulky camera, possibly heavy to carry around everywhere but it was the complete opposite. The Trip already had a leather camera strap, as well as a soft black leather case which is very convenient to avoid damage to the camera.

I decided to give the Trip a test spin back in April, since the lockdowns were slightly easing plus the weather was very nice. I went to Holland Park in West London with the camera, also a roll of Kodak Ektar already loaded. Thankfully the camera doesn’t take any batteries!!

One of the first shots on the Trip; notice everything is blurry and not in focused

I had a wander around the beautiful spacious park, initially hoping to photograph the famous Kyoto Garden but sadly it was closed for a few days, due to refurbishment and repairs. Better luck next time. Although I was lucky to take a few snaps of the peacock before my departure, a great way to finish the roll.

The results came out fair, considering it was my first time shooting on the Olympus Trip. I can see where I need to improve which is mainly both the focusing and aperture, as it is a manual camera I may need to work my way around the settings and functions. This might be a good idea to consider buying a manual light meter, or alternatively download a digital one from the mobile app store.

The colours were slightly saturated – that’s what you kind of expect from Ektar. The colours were a little harsh and vivid in some areas, however the speed of 100 did wonders in bright conditions, especially as it was very sunny.

I would certainly continue experimenting around with the Olympus Trip until I get used to it. I would try out a variety of different films, also try out a few colour filters for black and white photography.

At the time of writing, I only used the Trip twice, both in April. The second time was a little bit of an improvement than the first, faring better in terms of quality such as the focusing, however the aperture may need some work. Hopefully, I will go into depth about it on next week’s Tried and Tested Thursday.

Turn your back: ‘Walking Man’ sculpture by Sean Henry

Take care and stay safe

3 thoughts on “Tried and Tested Thursday: A Day Trip to The Park – Olympus Trip 35 with Kodak Ektar

  1. Is the light meter in the camera working ok Jannine? One of the advantages of the Trip 35 is the fact that it needs no batteries for the meter – it’s powered by a selenium cell. You can check it’s working ok by trying to take a photo with the lens cap on (or the lens and meter covered by your hand or something). If the meter is working ok a red flag will pop up in the viewfinder windo and you’ll be unable to press the shutter button fully. If the meter is faulty, you’ll be able to fire the shutter, but it will only use the 1/40sec slower shutter speed (the camera only has two shutter speeds in normal use – 1/40sec and 1/200sec which is automatically chosen depending on how the scene has been metered by the camera).

    While you can change the aperture on the camera, this is intended for use with a flash. For all other photography, keep it at the “A” setting.

    It’s a really nice little camera and the lens is very sharp. The hardest part is getting a feel for the zone-focussing distances (which are shown numerically on the bottom of the lens corresponding with the icons on the top). If it’s a bright day and you have some fast film in the camera (400asa), then the 3-person / 3 metre setting will generally put everything in good focus.

    Enjoy the camera! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Fishyfisharcade!! I actually did notice a little red flag through the viewfinder, I didn’t think nothing of it initially. I am still learning my way around the camera which will probably take some time. The Trip seems to be working, although not using it since the last time, I am hoping to at some point this week.

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