Tried and Tested Thursday: Greenwich Picture Perfect Time – Olympus Trip 35 with Kodak Portra 160

For today’s Tried and Tested Thursday, I will be talking about shooting Kodak Portra 160 on the Olympus Trip 35.

In my previous post, I discussed shooting with the Olympus Trip for the first time. Although the results were out of focus, I was proud of myself considering this was a ‘test run’ and hoping the outcome would be better in the second round.

It started out perfectly, focus is sharper than last time

A week later, I took the camera with me to Greenwich in London, famous for Greenwich Mean Time, Cutty Sark, Royal Naval Colleges and the Royal Observatory. The film used was Kodak Portra 160, which I set to its box speed on the camera, plus placed the aperture between f8 and f11 as it was quite a nice bright day.

I walked some of my way through the park, passing through there towards the hill where the Observatory is located.

I have a ‘love-hate’ relationship with the Portra 160. It’s a film great for portraits (as often recommended), especially with skin tones and landscape shots, however it doesn’t seem to ‘stand out’ or ‘pop’ for me much. I have to admit the colour balance is soft and subtle with a tinge of orange tints whenever scanning or printing. I don’t buy that particular film often, probably a couple rolls or a pack a year.

During my day out, I took mainly landscapes and skyline shots from the hill. The focusing got slightly better, it did improve since the last time as well as the aperture settings. There were a few overexposed patches, but it was alright nevertheless once scanned. The Portra colours were softer, not too harsh although some look a little washed out, particularly with the greens and blues from the skyline shots.

Out of the film tests on the Trip 35, Portra 160 is the winner. I would likely shoot with it on the camera again, possibly for portrait photography or street shots on nice days during the summer months.

I would also concentrate on both focusing and aperture, improve on it a little more and put it into practice until I get the hang of it. Hopefully I will be able to work my way around the Trip 35 very soon!!

Take care and stay safe

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