Film Friday: Kodak Sports Disposable (Expired)

For today’s Film Friday, I selected Kodak Sports Disposable, which expired in September 2019.

A couple years ago, I purchased two Kodak Sports Disposable cameras from Analogue Wonderland, that were both near to expiry at the time. Discounted at £6 each, which was half of the original price of £12.99.

What to call them?: They marketed in various names from Kodak Sports Underwater Disposable, Kodak Sports Single Use to Kodak Sport Underwater Waterproof 800. I simply chose to use ‘Kodak Sports Disposable’ in this post, not so much a mouthful

The Sports Disposable can be used underwater, down to 15 metres deep (50 feet), due to it being waterproof and shock resistant – good for divers and swimmers alike, who have a photographic eye. Plus the camera’s handy for outdoor use or bumps along the way, such as rocky trails or adventures. It is highly recommended to shoot during daylight hours or with good light conditions.

Like most disposable cameras, Kodak Sports cameras have a high speed of 800 ISO and 27 exposures (some other brand disposables have 39 exposures). I assume this camera is simple to use like most disposables, fuss free all round; just snap away with complete ease.

I would like to shoot the Kodak Sports Disposable at some point, possibly not underwater as I cannot swim, maybe in water based situations such as the beach or when it rains during the summer. I am hoping to put those two expired disposables into great use this year, during the summer or autumn months. Either way, they will not be stored or forgotten about in the drawer for longer than they should.

Take care and stay safe

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