Monday Monthly Mentions – May 2023: My Return from Tenerife and What Next?

How it Started in Tenerife: A view of Santa Cruz from Palmetum, a lovely botanical garden

It has been a month since I returned back to London from Tenerife. The three months went quicker than I had expected, however it was a wonderful experience to live abroad, away from home and my usual surroundings.

  • My first week was in Santa Cruz, in the north of Tenerife. Sadly the weather wasn’t the best as it was raining on some days, which was unusual on probably the driest island in the world plus it is not too far from Africa.
I spent five days in Santa Cruz, where I stayed at a hotel very close to the port (nearby this sign)
  • My second week I stayed in Adeje until the very end, with the exception of going to Puerto de la Cruz for five days towards the end of February. While on my short break, I did fall ill with a possible stomach bug. I did make a full-ish recovery and was able to go to the famous Loro Parque zoo.
  • I was primarily based in Adeje, where I attended the local language school, SMS Spanish School. I stayed with a host called Ana, who is originally from Argentina but has lived in Tenerife for over twenty years. She also has two Siamese cats Lola and Sasha, who are mother and daughter, respectively.
Cats Chillin’: Lola (left) and Sasha (right). They are absolutely adorable!!
  • Communicating in Spanish did have its challenges, sometimes I would pronounce words wrong or not in order. I did a few refreshers in some classes, focusing on the preterite and imperfect verbs, also learning the past perfect and future tenses. Not going to lie, some classes were incredibly overwhelming and I walked out on one. I did feel embarrassed, however my teacher and classmates were very understanding. Fortunately in my last week at the school, I did have one-to-one lessons with my teacher, and went through certain verbs again.
  • During the weekend or sometimes after class, I would take the bus (aka ‘guagua’, as it is known locally) and explore around or in the surrounding areas of Adeje. I often went to Fañabé beach or Los Cristianos. I did go to other places along the coast like Costa del Silencio and Playa San Juan. It was quite relaxing to go out for afternoon wanders until the early evening, and it was an advantage since I had my cameras with me.
The Real Costa of Adeje: I found myself down Costa Adeje frequently, sometimes walking along by the beach towards Fañabé
JMW Turner come to life in Los Cristianos: Sunsets were beautifully in Tenerife, normally they would set from 7pm (or a few minutes before) and gradually get darker
  • Speaking of photography, I used the Fuji Xe1 more than film. Unfortunately, there were specs of dust and particles on the camera sensor and I did attempt to clean it myself. The good news is it has been professionally cleaned in London at the time of typing this. Yet I have the tedious task of getting rid of the unwanted sports on photos during the editing process.

Film was a walk in the park. I only took the Olympus XA2 and ten rolls of Kodak Trix 400 (expired). Yes, a Film Friday feature from last year. It probably took me a week to finish one roll, although towards the end, I completed two in a day as I went on a couple of day trips to La Gomera, a small nearby island on the weekend, then Mount Teide and a few other small towns on the following Monday.

Shooting film wasn’t so much as a task like before when I used to take 20 to 30 rolls for a week’s trip or less, with a mixture of different film brands and emulsions. For Tenerife, I decided to ‘cut down’ on the film for the ten-ish weeks I was there and thank goodness I made that decision; processing will be an easier task, as well as producing prints.

  • I flew back into London a month ago, just in time for Easter. My flight was slightly delayed, also a bit chaotic when boarding but overall the journey was smooth. When I arrived back, it was raining heavily unsurprisingly – typical British weather not compared to the very warm weather back in Tenerife.
Just landed: it was wet and rainy back in London, no surprise there

I did promise myself I shall return back to Tenerife in the near future, most likely next year and possibly for a shorter period. At the moment, I have to see how things go…

  • Post-Tenerife Blues and what am I doing?:

Nothing much. Kinda.

Since being back, I have been catching up with a few friends, as well as doing some job hunting so I can fill in some time until I go back to work in October.

I want to focus on photography, especially improving on digital photography and finally getting my way around Affinity, despite downloading it last year.

I didn’t manage to do any craft projects in Tenerife with the cards and watercolour paints. I will still use the materials in the future, maybe for something else.

Not forgetting, home developing. I have the Ilford developer, but not the processing equipment such as the tank, fix and wetting agent. It has been one of my main aims to do for a long while, hopefully I will get around to doing it very soon.

Outside of photography and creativity, I really, really want to take care of my mental health and wellbeing a bit more. I find myself casually neglecting it time and time again, even though I go to therapy, I still have to work on myself by getting the right tools and resources.

New hair, who’s this?: I managed to get my hair braided while in Tenerife (since has been taken out). Here’s a rare photo of me, taken by a German tourist on a boat trip to Masca

For now, I can do things at my own pace without feeling the pressure.

Take care and stay safe

Monday Monthly Mentions – December 2022: My Absence (again), Future Plans and Everything Else

Hello there, I hope everyone had a good Christmas!!

Obviously it has been a while since I last posted, as proven I have been notably absent on here. A LOT happened during my time away, so here is the ‘low down’:

  • September was my birthday. I turned 31 and this time I was at home, by that I mean not abroad on holiday like the previous couple years.
Bitscoff Birthday: Sri knew that I love Bitscoff biscuits. This was truly the icing on the cake – pun intended

It was a lovely birthday weekend celebrating with friends and family. Friday was my actual birthday, so I went to the local pub with three co-workers where we had drinks and food. One other co-worker’s birthday was a couple days after mine (can’t remember) – it was a double celebration!! My colleague Sri got me a custom made fresh cream Bitscoff cake from Paul’s Bakery in Ilford (note: my name is spelt wrong, very common. I am so used to it). That was very nice and kind of her, and the cake was very delicious and filling. I also ordered pizzas for the other co-workers, who were working the evening shift.

Saturday, I went to Cambridge with my good friend Sally, only for the day. I took my digital camera Fuji Xe1 for a test drive, which I will talk about a little later in this post.

We went around the town, exploring the universities, churches, streets and the river. The weather was lovely on that day, just chilling and taking it easy.

Sunday, I went to a steak restaurant with my parents, our ‘usual’ in Woodford Green, Miller & Carter. Highly recommended for steak lovers!! I love a good ole juicy steak and I had been yearning for it for a while. There aren’t many decent steak houses around where I live.

Sunday Steak Meal: To finish off the birthday weekend on a delicious high

Anyway, I did enjoy my birthday weekend. It felt lowkey, something I am comfortable with as I am getting older. The fanfare and fuss doesn’t bother me that much anymore.

  • Going digital: I am officially a very proud owner of a Fuji Xe1 camera. I bought the pancake lens first from eBay, then with a little help via Photofusion I got the camera body (another eBay purchase by ‘proxy’), which I got on my birthday!! Gave it a test drive the next day in Cambridge, as I was very eager.

It is a slow process going back to digital, I still try to use it as much as possible. Including fairly recently when I went to Bologna last month.

Fuji-tastic!! First time in years buying a digital camera, that happened to be second hand
  • Third is a charm: Yes, I went on my third and final holiday of this year, which was to Bologna in Italy. I stayed there for a week, however I travelled to other places in the Northern region such as Ferrara, Florence and Ravenna. During that week, on Saturday I went on a long walk to the famous church Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca (or simply ‘San Luca’), that is on top of a hill. I was very lucky to have seen it a distance away from my B&B room.
To San Luca and Beyond: The walk to there was worth it, only 5 miles approx. from my B&B

Of course, I ate quite a lot of Italian food, mostly the regional cuisine. Not only pizza, I also tried out various dishes such as cappellacci, lasagne alla bolognese and others I forgot the names of. Thankfully I met up with a friend, who is Italian, that had great knowledge of the regional food. Not forgetting, I had a refreshing glass of Aperol Spritz!!

  • Photography Plans? What’s going on with that?: You tell me!! Seriously, photography for me this year has been slightly lukewarm.

I haven’t bought much film this year, and I still got quite a lot stashed away, most of them in date. Plus I haven’t shot as much film like the previous year, only shooting whenever necessary, which is becoming rare. On average, I probably shot at least three to four films per month. If travelling, I would take ten rolls depending on the duration. Recently, I took four Rollei rolls when I went to Italy.

Film is getting expensive with the prices always hiking up, in particular Kodak – a brand I love, especially the colour films. Sadly buying Kodak will soon become an occasional thing.

Motivation and time has also been a contributing factor to a lukewarm year. I am probably going to use the same old excuse that work takes up my time, and it does, plus I get burnout easily. I have so many ideas in my head, yet they don’t always materialise.

So the only time I shoot film is on the available day(s) off. Sometimes I have to plan out what I would like to shoot, even if it is down the local area.

I’m hoping to do more photography in 2023, both film and digital. Not only that, work on my editing skills and practise. I would also like to develop my own film, slightly long overdue I must admit. It will definitely happen for sure, since I have the Ilford Developer although I need to get the full developing kit and accessories.

  • Back to Blogging?: I have two more entries to post before the end of 2022. Other than that, my aim is to blog more frequently again in 2023. Still the same-ish weekly features and content, although there might be a few small changes in the coming months.

So far, I made an outline of the blog, mainly the dates of posting. I did some post ideas for Tried and Tested Thursdays; I already wrote a list for Film Friday. All that’s left is to actually write out longhand drafts, then go over and then type them out. Oh, not forgetting to publish them here!!

Like photography, blogging has been ‘lukewarm’. I initially had post plans to write up, then my Macbook was on its last legs. Then the case of my Epson scanner: unfortunately it is not compatible with my Windows laptop unless I download VueScan. I really need to dedicate a time next year doing the whole set up, afterwards going through the negatives that need to be scanned. That will be a long process.

  • Future?: This year has its ups and downs, certainly it has opened my eyes wide to life, especially as I am getting older, which has put a perspective on many things.

Photography aside, I am glad 2022 was less stressful than both 2020 and 2021. Although we are still in a pandemic, things are slowly easing and gradually going back to ‘normal’. I am guessing it is far from over.

Thankfully, I was able to reconnect, discover, learn and explore this year. I am lucky that I had those chances and opportunities.

Let’s hope 2023 will bring us all happiness, positivity and health!!

Happy New Year

Take care and stay safe

Story Time Sunday: Caribbean Celebrations

For today’s Story Time Sunday, I will be sharing my family trip to St Kitts and Nevis in 2006.

To coincide with my mum’s birthday, which is on the 31st January, I decided to share some snaps from our trip away. The original photos were shot on digital, however I couldn’t find the disc where the images are on, instead I scanned the available prints. There were a lot, many not in organised order and many not making the final cut for this post. Note: not all photos were taken by me, some were by other family members or individuals, so they are credited as ‘Williams Family’.

My mum holding a little kid (baby goat) outside a relative’s house, while I was still in frame (left corner)

It was January 2006, the Christmas holidays were over and it was still winter. I was 14, in Year 9 and in secondary school. The exact dates escape me, however I believe it was sometime in mid January when we flew out to Nevis. Some members of my maternal family came along, which mainly consisted of one aunty, a few uncles and some cousins. It was my first time ever going on a plane – yes, I can remember that experience very vividly as we took a connecting flight from Antigua to Nevis.

My cousins and I had never been to St Kitts and Nevis before. My mum hadn’t been back since 1981, around twenty five years ago at that point. Most likely my other relatives, including aunts and uncles, hadn’t returned back in a long time either.

This trip was very important for all of us; we learnt more about our family history and heritage, plus it was a chance for to meet extended and distant relatives while we were on the island. We briefly went to the town where my mum and her siblings grew up, who were primarily raised by their grandmother, unfortunately the house was no longer there. We soon went to the slightly bigger neighbouring island of St Kitts only for the day, which is famous for its Brimstone Hill Fortress – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At the top of the hill/mountain? Some relatives went their separate ways on the island, some going with other family members

Going to the Caribbean was a culture shock for my cousins and I, as we grew up in the United Kingdom, mainly in cities and were very fortunate to have access and resources to education and living. In our parents’ time, it was completely different; they didn’t have much growing up, but they worked very hard to provide for themselves and survive during tough times.

Another small family group outing in Nevis

Some family members stayed in various places around Nevis: my mum, aunt and one cousin and I stayed at a distant relative’s house. We were often woken up by a cockerel almost every morning. My uncles and other cousins (one uncle had taken three of his four daughters along) stayed elsewhere on the island. We didn’t hang around much, I was probably with my mum and aunt for the majority of the holiday.

The two weeks were slightly slow. It was an advantage as I wasn’t really missing school or any lessons, although I was possibly behind with all my schoolwork but I didn’t care. My dad was left behind in London, however he did book a flight to Florida a week later to visit relatives.

We managed to have a birthday dinner for my mum’s 50th, nearly the whole family was there including other relatives from the island. We went to a Caribbean restaurant somewhere in town. I do believe we had gone to the same place around a day or two before.

I was doing some weird leaning pose, which was the one highlight whenever we had a decent group photo (obvs, I am on the right)

Once we left Nevis, we went on another connecting flight through Antigua and then flew back into Gatwick. Back to the London life, although my uncles and some cousins went straight back to Leeds after landing.

I eventually went back to school the following week, so it was back to business and ‘normality’ for me. This break was well needed; it was absolute hell at school and I couldn’t wait to get away from it all.

Recently, my mum has expressed her desire to return back to Nevis, since it has been sixteen years. Other family members have since gone a few times, pre-pandemic and doing the same amount of exploring like we did.

Up The Mountains: Nevis has quite A LOT of mountains, compared to the ones I have seen in Switzerland, they are mighty high

Maybe one day, my mum’s dream will be fulfilled to finally go back to the motherland… once everything has eased completely…

Take care and stay safe

(Belated) Monday Monthly Mentions – June 2021: Bognor Regis Break, Seaside Summer, Blast from The Past from East London and Exhibitions from this Month

This is the first time I had to post a very belated Monday Monthly Mentions two weeks later than scheduled. I have been so busy with work, and although I had written my draft already, it was finding time to type everything down…

  • First thing’s first: hello, how’s everyone doing? I haven’t been posting as much recently, mostly due to work, however I will be posting a few entries before the month closes and prepare some in advance for next month.
Bognor Rocks: Bognor Regis beach was literally a stone throw away from where we were staying
  • I went to Butlins last month for the first time. I went with my friend and her youngest son only for a few days. The resort is located in Bognor Regis, right next to the beach. We spent most of our time on the beach, as well as her son doing a lot of fun activities at Butlins which he did enjoy. Sadly, we didn’t get to see any shows or live entertainment while there, but it was nice to get out of London and go somewhere different.
Beach Huts that match the sky: Felpham is a quieter area close to Bognor Regis, not as busy
William Blake’s Cottage in Felpham, where he was arrested for sedition
  • The day after our arrival to Butlins, we went to Arundel Castle, quite nearby Bognor Regis by train. A few days prior to our visit, there was a robbery at the castle where thieves had stolen Mary Queen of Scots’ Rosary beads – a devastating loss of very important historical artifacts. The castle itself was amazing, both inside and out. Even bigger than we actually thought, when we saw it enroute via train the previous day.
  • To be by the seaside, as foreign travel is uncertain for the time being. It seems the good ole British seaside trip is making a ‘comeback’ since the increasing popularity of staycations this coming summer. Photographer Sophie Green captured the best of British beaches via Vice Magazine.

Take care and stay safe

Monday Monthly Mentions – May 2021: Me Time, Upcoming Post-Lockdown Exhibitions, New Instant Cameras, Box Cameras and Malta Street Photography

Peacock strutting his stuff down Holland Park. Amazed onlookers like myself
  • Last month I had some much needed ‘me-time’ on my days off, going to Holland Park and Greenwich Park for the first time in years. I went to the parks on different days, bringing along both my Olympus Trip 35 and Kodak Brownie cameras. Testing them out, now I am waiting for the film to be processed.
  • On the subject of box cameras, Amateur Photographer has an article discussing its uses and also demonstrates on how to load one with the same exact camera I got!!
  • In an Instant: Polaroid launches the ‘world’s smallest analogue instant camera’, the Polaroid Go. Costing £109.99 from the official website, you can buy it from other retailers such as Urban Outfitters or Currys. Fujifilm has recently released another instant camera, the Instax Mini 40 and seems it takes the same Instax film.
  • Since lockdown has eased a bit in the UK, there are a handful of exhibitions and shows worth seeing from this month towards summer (although some are ending quite soon). There are a few that I’m interested in seeing at some point.
  • Malta Streets on Camera: Daria Troitskaia spoke to Times of Malta on her photographic series ‘Maltese Exposures’, which she was fascinated by the mix of ‘modern and retro motifs’ while based on the small Mediterranean island. She uses both digital and analogue cameras whenever shooting, which mostly consists of documentary and portrait photography.
  • Italian Photography Job: American photographer Scott Kelby stated his favourite place to photograph is in Italy; listing his preferred cities and regions, reasons why plus a food recommendation at the end.
  • ‘Taste’ by Chinese photographer Li Huaifeng won the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year, which is a photograph of a family preparing a meal in China. There are some other submissions towards the competition from photographers across the world.

Take care and stay safe

Monday Monthly Mentions – April 2021: New Cameras, Discontinued Film, New Disposable Camera Coming Out, Charlie Phillips and Things to do Post-Lockdown

Note: Advanced apologies for no Film Friday, Story Time Sunday or Tried and Tested Thursday from last week. I have been extremely busy with work recently. I will be pumping out a few of the missed posts by this week the latest...

A Film Camera Family Portrait

Now let’s get to this month’s mentions…

  • March was a month of camera collecting. Three cameras in one month, all from eBay and all in one month (yes, I said it again!)
  • The Camera Collection Lowdown: a Kodak Brownie No. 2 (Model D), a hundred year old box camera, which was initially aimed for children and possibly novices alike. The camera is in 6×9 format and takes 120 film. So far at the time of writing, I have shot three rolls so far with two already processed.
  • Olympus Trip 35 was a camera I wanted for a long while, but the price was often too high for my liking. Thankfully I was able to make an offer with the seller and got the camera for less than £70. For that price, it came with a leather case and a flash. I’m yet to shoot with it.

  • Last camera is the Lubitel 166b, a Soviet era TLR. Probably the cheapest TLR out there in the film camera market. I only bought it a couple weeks ago from eBay for under £50, then used it a couple days after. The setup is similar to the Yashica 635, or any standard TLR, in terms of the settings and functions.
  • While one film has been discontinued, Ilford has launched its first colour disposable camera, Ilfocolor Rapid Retro Edition. There’s a twist: the camera is produced by Ilford Imaging and not Ilford Photo (famous for HP5 and FP4), despite saying otherwise on another website. Anyway, it is expected to be released next in Australia. No information on worldwide dates.
  • Camera Watch: Youtuber Drew Gooden ‘filming’ with what it appears to be a Canon Z135 – at the 1:53 mark. The overall video topic is quite interesting, worth watching it in full.

I hope everyone had a great Easter break and are keeping well!!

Take care and stay safe

Tried and Tested Thursday: Samsung in Seaford – Samsung A21s

For today’s Tried and Tested Thursday, I will be discussing shooting on a Samsung A21s mobile phone.

Last week Wednesday, I went on a day trip by myself to Seaford in East Sussex for the first time. I was originally meant to go on the 11th November, however the government announced another lockdown would begin from Thursday 5th November until Wednesday 2nd December. Thankfully I was able to bring the trip forward at the last minute.

Worth the long walk to take this photo. My boots got muddy during the process

I bought a new phone towards the end of last month, a Samsung A21s for £149.95 from Argos. It was on special offer at the time and I had really wanted an upgrade for a while. My previous phone was also a Samsung, model A3 2017 which I bought in October 2018. The old handset was running out of space, plus the operating system was a bit outdated, so I needed a faster and efficient replacement at a reasonable price.

For the last few years, my mobile phone has been my digital camera, since I sold my Canon DSLR that I had for a long time (still have the Canon Powershot in my drawer). The phone is lighter, quicker and convenient to use at any time. Alongside with my film cameras that I have, my mobile phone has been part of my photographic life and work.

The Seaford trip was a chance to test out my new phone’s camera and its functions. I also had two film cameras with me: Minolta X-700 and Olympus XA2, both loaded with Kodak Portra 800 and Kodak Tmax 400, respectively. They were enough to shoot for the one day.

Note: the photos posted are in their original size; no cropping. It is larger in terms of file size

I took my first Samsung shot as soon as I got off the bus, just a random direction sign. I noticed afterwards there was a small vignette in the corner of the photo. It could have been from the phone case.

I started my trek walking through the Seven Sisters National Park, along Cuckmere River heading towards Cuckmere Haven, to the beach, the cliffs and finishing off at the famous Coastguard Cottages. Initially, I didn’t anticipate how long it would take for me to go around the national park, but it was worth the whole day exploring non stop for hours until it went dark.

The sky was clear and the weather was quite nicer, a little bit of a breeze here and there. I took some shots while walking along the Cuckmere on my phone, plus both film cameras. It was quite a juggle!

This isn’t Photoshopped or anything like that! The filter managed to get a reflection of the pebbles on the beach

At first I was confused on why my phone took square-ish sized photos rather than the standard full size ones. Then I realised there were options of full size photos, similar to panoramas or landscapes (or portraits) depending on what way you hold the phone.

The first few photos down the Cuckmere were shot at 3:4, then I would switch into full size once reaching near to the cliff and beach. I would go back and forth both size settings throughout the day.

Another interesting feature on the Samsung A21s that I discovered, was the camera burst mode – similar to continuous shooting or al servo found on most DSLR cameras. I had to press firmly onto the shutter button, then the phone would take three or four continuous shots. Weirdly enough, they were saved on the phone’s internal drive rather than the SD card. Even my image gallery made a GIF from one of the burst mode shots.

A timelapse GIF of my journey. I stood still when taking this, not knowing it was on burst mode til later

Afternoon came, it would gradually get darker after 4pm. The sky would soon turn into a pastel gradient mixed with blues, oranges and even a tinge of red, with the sun dipping down. This was a great opportunity to capture the sunset, although it can be tricky at times to take them; making sure the shutter and aperture are on the right settings, as well as both the exposure and composition when using a film or digital camera. With some phone cameras, the exposure settings are just contrast and brightness. I chose to go full on automatic on mine and hope for the best soon after.

The shot of the Coastguard Cottages wasn’t exactly the way I had wanted it to be, nevertheless it’ll do for now. My attention would soon turn into making my way to the nearest bus stop heading back to the city centre.

I hope the film versions come out better

I went to a fish and chip restaurant called Trawlers, not too far from the train station. I didn’t eat anything for hours, only a bag of Doritos during a short break en route to the cliff.

Highly recommend Trawlers, btw!! The cod was perfect; the batter was crispy and tasty

I had to do the obligatory snap of my dinner. The camera has a food shot mode, which is basically a filter with a focus mode, similar to a depth of field on a standard camera. Note the mid section of the photo, the chips are in focus while the surrounding subjects such as the cutlery and salt/pepper shakers are blurry. Since food photography has gained popularity all thanks to social media, my guess is Samsung, if not other phone brands, added this feature to cater (no pun indeed) to its target audience of today’s social media generation or photography enthusiasts.

My muddy boots and joggers. My mum was shocked to see me when I got back home

So am I happy with my new phone overall? Yes!! I feel satisfied with the camera, also how easy it is to use – the apps, features and navigation. I can see myself having this phone for many years to come until it is due for another upgrade, hopefully not too soon!!

Take care and stay safe

Solo Travel 2015: A Weekend in Milan

My third stop in Milan was short. Literally very short, just a weekend stint. It gave me the chance to relax and recharge before heading to my final destination to Venice on Monday.

The only way I could shoot Duomo was tilt my head up to avoid getting people in my photo

I have to be honest, Milan didn’t impress me much. I found it somehow overrated and underwhelming, although there were a few nice parts, the city itself didn’t ‘wow’ me.

I spent most of my time wandering around Piazza del Duomo where the Milan Cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II are both located. Even that got boring quickly, however I had my camera to take candid shots of random passersby.

90 percent of people here were taking selfies

Milan does live up to its reputation as being the ‘fashion capital of the world’, with its famous fashion week hosted there twice a year, plus a variety of famous designer brands based in the city, such as Armani, Missoni, Valentino and Versace.

Almost everyone and anyone at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Italy’s oldest shopping centres, were fashion forward. It was like a never ending catwalk in the centre of Milan; almost everyone was dressed to impress. The Galleria has endless designer shops, restaurants, boutiques and even a luxurious hotel (since has closed).

The roof of the Galleria is absolutely amazing. I have to admit, I did really admire the Italian style architecture
A bar right outside the Galleria

The Piazza was the centre of the selfie obsessed tourists, many taking shots of themselves in front of the Cathedral. There were even some people selling selfie sticks left, right and centre for a couple of Euros. It was hard to get through crowds of people who possibly wanted a quick snap or a few! I went through a nearby park for some peace and quiet, which I can’t remember the name of but I know it is a reasonable walking distance. I think it is near a castle or a fort; it escapes me what it was.

Throughout my trip, I was in touch with Ivan, whom I met on the train from Zurich. He told me about Expo Milan (or Expo 2015), a world fair that was happening in the city with its theme based around ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy For Life’. I did see it advertised around Milan. The event began from May and ended in October 2015. Sadly, I didn’t go as my time was limited. I think Ivan went and asked if I wanted to come along.

Originally shot in colour. I had cropped it focusing on the four religious sisters, who were passing through the Piazza

Milan ended on an indifferent note. I don’t know if I would go back again in the future or not. I met a few people who shared similar experiences; not being overly impressed or found it boring. Had I explored more, maybe my opinion might have changed. Who knows…

The final stop of my solo trip was Venice, a two hour train ride heading towards Trieste close to the Slovenian border.

My trip would slowly come to a close the same week. I would return back to London life after spending ten days abroad discovering and exploring parts unknown. It would soon be back to normality on home turf.

Take care and stay safe

Solo Travel 2015: Zurich to Milan – A Country Crossing

Saturday morning arrived, I departed from Switzerland to Italy. My first Italian stop was Milan, only for a couple of days until I went to my last stop in Venice.

I arrived at the main station early and because of my Interrail pass, I could take any train at any time. I decided to take the 11am one going straight to Milan, which was a four hour journey.

As I was looking for a seat in the second class carriage, while dragging my suitcase and heavy backpack, I bumped into (not literally) an Italian man who was also looking for a seat. We were like, ‘we’ll settle here’. We sat opposite each other throughout the whole journey, just talking about travelling, Switzerland, Italy and the fact his name is Ivan (unusual for an Italian name) and his surname is Ferrari. He stated he didn’t own the namesake car, however he knew someone with the same surname who did.

He told me that he spent some time in Zurich and was heading back home. I believed he stopped at Como S. Giovanni station, although he lived somewhere in the Ferrara Province along the coast. Thankfully our interesting conservations didn’t stop there, we have been in touch through Facebook Messenger ever since.

A big lake that I don’t know the name of, however it is far away from Zurich

During the train journey, I was admiring the lovely scenic views; the mountains, the lakes and beautiful landscapes. I took out my camera to shoot some shots, trying to avoid getting reflections or lens flare in my photos. This was the starting point of capturing scenic journeys on transport, train or bus (odd occasion on the plane), especially if they go through interesting places. Not only did I admire the Swiss scenery, but also the architecture heading towards the Ticino region – the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, where the buildings were Italian style mainly Neoclassical and Villa inspired.

I arrived at Milan Centrale a little after 3pm. My hostel was literally around the corner and was easy to find. I was ready to relax and unwind during my short time in the city.

This was my first time ever crossing the border to another country, as well as doing an open jaw flight. It wouldn’t be the last time I would be doing city stops or leaving from another place, or going through different countries. It was an enjoyable experience many times over.

I am quite proud of myself that I managed to accomplish this on my own, looking back in retrospect. I never thought I would ever do this in my lifetime.

Take care and stay safe

Solo Travel 2015: Friday Night in Zurich

It was my last night in Zurich before I departed for Milan the next morning. I went out and about in the evening in the city centre near the main station.

Lake Zurich from the port

I remember that night being so peaceful, close to being quiet. I wanted to capture Zurich’s nightlife on camera as well as experience it first hand. I shot mainly candids of people walking about and shop fronts, almost in the same vein as the street photography I did back in London with the Canon DSLR.

The evening sky went from a dark pastel gradient to pitch black within a short space of time. Thankfully I wasn’t out for too long as I had to get my stuff packed and get up early the following day.

I enjoyed my brief stay in the city. I think I did quite a lot during the three days I was there, apart from exploring Old Town and going to Lake Zurich, although I did see some part of it from the port.

I loved going through Zurich’s main station, where it had a cool water feature with illuminating lights. The station was probably Switzerland’s answer to London’s Kings Cross or Euston Station. It was very spacious with many platforms; trains going to other places in the country, also across borders to Italy, Germany, France and Austria.

The good news is that I’m travelling to Switzerland next month, where I will be spending my birthday mostly in the mountains. I will be starting from Zurich, then through to Lucerne and ending in Geneva. I only booked everything ‘last minute’ just Sunday gone (at the time of writing and typing this).

A rickshaw whizzing through the city centre

It has been three years since I was last in Switzerland, and Zurich was the last place I had been to (via Germany).

I’m beyond excited. I am counting down the days.

Take care and stay safe