Film Friday: Kodak Sports Disposable (Expired)

For today’s Film Friday, I selected Kodak Sports Disposable, which expired in September 2019.

A couple years ago, I purchased two Kodak Sports Disposable cameras from Analogue Wonderland, that were both near to expiry at the time. Discounted at £6 each, which was half of the original price of £12.99.

What to call them?: They marketed in various names from Kodak Sports Underwater Disposable, Kodak Sports Single Use to Kodak Sport Underwater Waterproof 800. I simply chose to use ‘Kodak Sports Disposable’ in this post, not so much a mouthful

The Sports Disposable can be used underwater, down to 15 metres deep (50 feet), due to it being waterproof and shock resistant – good for divers and swimmers alike, who have a photographic eye. Plus the camera’s handy for outdoor use or bumps along the way, such as rocky trails or adventures. It is highly recommended to shoot during daylight hours or with good light conditions.

Like most disposable cameras, Kodak Sports cameras have a high speed of 800 ISO and 27 exposures (some other brand disposables have 39 exposures). I assume this camera is simple to use like most disposables, fuss free all round; just snap away with complete ease.

I would like to shoot the Kodak Sports Disposable at some point, possibly not underwater as I cannot swim, maybe in water based situations such as the beach or when it rains during the summer. I am hoping to put those two expired disposables into great use this year, during the summer or autumn months. Either way, they will not be stored or forgotten about in the drawer for longer than they should.

Take care and stay safe

Film Friday: Kodak Funsaver Disposable (Expired)

Note: This was meant to be posted a couple weeks back, so it is later than expected due to heavy work commitments. My sincere apologies. Enjoy!

For today’s Film Friday, I selected the Kodak Funsaver Disposable camera, which only expired only a month ago. I bought them from Parallax over a year ago. I remember staring at the cameras and thinking to myself I should buy them before I regret it.

Disposable cameras are very convenient and useful, especially for them being very light to carry around as well as being easy to use. Most of them have a fixed lens and a high ISO of 800, that is suitable for low light settings such as night time or indoors.

The following images were scanned on the Epson V550 a couple weeks back

Last month I did a Tried and Tested Thursday on two disposable cameras: the first being an expired Kodak Daylight used on a summer’s day in Brighton, where I had discussed the results and quality. I even had prints developed too. The second was a Fujifilm Single Use, where I used at Pride in London a few years back.

I previously used the Funsaver, possibly once or twice, with the first time being 2016 in Basel, Switzerland. I even had prints developed from my local lab once I came back, but it was until recently that I eventually scanned the negatives with the results being way different than expected. I had initially scanned the photographic prints on my Canon all-in-one scanner/printer and posted the results on my Tumblr page, however they weren’t the best overall.

This particular Funsaver I had used in Basel had thirty nine exposures, which was an extra twelve shots from the standard Kodak disposable. The two expired ones have twenty seven exposures and I actually didn’t realise until fairly recently. There are some selling thirty nine or twenty seven exposures floating around online for a reasonable price, like eBay or any photographic selling websites.

I originally had plans on using the disposable cameras this summer, however the weather has recently turned from being hot and humid to being wet and miserable, with a possible chance of another thunderstorm or strong winds. I will leave both of them in the fridge for now until next time, once I have figured out what use they could be in the near future…

Take care and stay safe

Tried and Tested Thursday: Brighton Rocked It – Kodak Daylight Disposable (Expired)

For today’s Tried and Tested Thursday, I will be talking about shooting a Kodak Daylight Disposable, a rare eBay find that was expired.

Another throwback, this time from August 2016 in Brighton on a family day out. It partially ended in disaster with one relative not enjoying themselves, shocked to find out the beach was pebbles and not sand. I enjoyed my time as I had been to Brighton a few times before. It was just nice to get out of London for the day.

I was armed with my film gear alongside with my disposable, I had my trusty Canon SLR with two rolls of expired Jessops Pan film, another rare eBay find.

There are a variety of Kodak disposables in the film photography market: from the Kodak Funsaver with 39 exposures, to the Kodak Sport, a disposable suitable for mainly underwater and the beach. Then you have the Kodak Daylight disposable, which is for daylight shots as well as low light with its ISO of 800.

I had initially had photographic prints developed at my local lab, and then I would scan them on my all-in-one Canon printer and scanner. The image quality wasn’t the best, but it had to do. The prints came out a little blue, almost like tungsten, something very interesting and quite unique. They had a nostalgic feel to them by looking at the actual prints on the computer and in real time.

Last week I decided to scan the negatives from the disposable camera. The local lab often gave back the negs, and from my understanding there are some that don’t. I was curious to scan them on my Epson… but let’s say the results and image quality was slightly different. From the grain quality which was subtle, not too much coverage but the blue tint-tungsten feel was no longer there, although the nostalgic vibe was still there. Also I don’t edit my scans, apart from adding the near faint watermark. If I did edit them, I would have added some saturation onto the scans, by making them a bit brighter with some vibrance in the colours.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, the Kodak Daylight disposable is a rare find. I do think there are some floating around on eBay with prices ranging from under ten pounds or possibly higher, most likely in date or expired. If I had the chance, I would use this camera again for summer snaps on days out to the beach. Only to avoid carrying a SLR all day and hundreds rolls of film to make the trip lightweight and easier. Thankfully I have two Kodak Funsavers in the fridge, near to expiry that I am planning to use in the future.

Take care and stay safe

Tried and Tested Thursday: London Pride 2017 – Fujifilm Single Use Camera

For today’s Tried and Tested Thursday, I will be talking about shooting a Fujifilm Single Use, a disposable film camera.

Another Throwback Thursday, this time it slightly coincides with London Pride which was due to be two weeks ago, but sadly was cancelled due to Covid 19. This particular throwback was at my first London Pride back in July 2017, when I went at the very last minute. Sadly I missed the parade through Regent Street, but my friend who invited me, had already seen most of the event that day.

I bought the Fujifilm disposable camera from Argos, where I bought a few many times in the past but haven’t as of recently. At the time of shooting Pride, I had this camera lying around in my room unused. I thought it would be a good idea to bring it with me – something quick and easy, alongside my Canon Powershot camera for the digital snaps.

I didn’t have a negative scanner at the time, so I sent my disposable camera to be scanned and developed at a local lab near me called Forest Photographic, where the turnaround was quite fast. In the past, I had sent a few rolls of film there to be developed into prints or scans.

I loved the results for a variety of reasons; the grain is subtle as it has a speed of 400, which is best for daylight shooting or with available light, not so great for low light even with flash. The colour quality is great, something I love about using Fuji films, especially the greens and other bold colours like red it stands out more.

My personal favourite from Pride

There were only twentyseven exposures on the Fuji disposable, so I was quite limited on what to shoot and I made sure each exposure was not wasted. Most of the shots were taken in Trafalgar Square of celebrations, the concert, people dancing and the aftermath, as everything was slowly coming to an end.

I would like to use this disposable camera again and again. It’s reasonably priced at £7.99 from Argos, during the time of writing this entry. Great for snapshots for days out, festivals, events or even street photography. The Fuji disposable is also lightweight, easier to carry around which makes the difference to carrying heavy film SLR’s all day. I know all too well on how that feels!!

This Fuji disposable camera is great for non-photographers, mainly what it is marketed towards. Fuss free, no hassle and easy to use. I highly recommend it to almost anyone to even try out a couple times!

Take care and stay safe