Film Friday: Fuji Pro 400h in 35mm

For today’s Film Friday, I selected Fuji Pro 400h in 35mm.

In early 2021, Fuji had announced that they were discontinuing Fuji Pro 400h in both 35mm and 120. I did a Film Friday in June on the 120 film. Despite its unexpected axing, the medium format is still selling at some online photographic retailers, at its standard retail price.

Sole Survivor: The only single in date roll of Pro 400h remaining

Sadly the same can’t be said for the 35mm, which is now gone forever… unless you go on eBay or similar sites, where they are selling a single roll from £20 (or even twice the price).

I did manage to buy a few rolls last year. My intention wasn’t buying them for keepsakes, I did want to put them into great use one day.

Fuji Pro 400h has a decent speed of 400, quite the standard ISO for general shooting – a good all rounder. The  film has been recommended for wedding or portrait photography, due to the colour quality and fine grain.

I tested out two Pro 400h rolls while on holiday To Switzerland around six months ago. I went to Burgenstock and Pilatus, two famous mountains. I had shot the film on the Olympus XA2 camera.

My aim was to do landscape photography from the highest peak, on and from the mountains. The outcome came out good after processing and scanning, although they would have been better as darkroom prints.

Most Fuji colour films produce vivid greens, due to the layers and often have the finest colour quality with its tones and contrasts. Like the Pro 400h, scans of the mountains were highlights and examples from the results.

Pilatus Rocking and Rolling!!

I have two 400h rolls left in the fridge: one expired from last August, something I did deliberately, and another still in date. Hopefully, I will shoot them both for the final time very soon…

Take care and stay safe

Film Friday: Fuji Pro 400h in 120

For today’s Film Friday, I selected Fuji Pro 400h in 120.

Earlier this year, Fuji had announced that they would be discontinuing the Pro 400h in both 35mm and 120 formats. A huge loss in the photography community, as expected since Fuji has axed many favourites over the few years such as Natura, Superia 200 and Acros (with it resurrecting back to life a year later).

By my side: I had this film on my list prior to the shock announcement

As predicted, there would be some photographers rushing out to order as much remaining stock as possible. Then of course, there would be some sellers listing the Pro 400h on eBay at very high and ridiculous prices – which I find very greedy, I am not surprised but that’s my opinion. I did capture a few screenshots from my phone days after the announcement, some sellers are selling a single roll at the same price as a five pack 120 film!!

I did compare this to the international panic buy that we had last year during the start of the pandemic, when customers were buying toilet paper left, right and centre at various supermarkets.

I was lucky to have bought two packs from a photographic retailer via eBay at a decent price. I will be putting them into use very soon, rather than keeping them for keepsake. I would certainly not be reselling them either.

The Pro 400h itself is a high speed film with decent grain coverage. It has been recommended to use for wedding and portrait photography, especially the latter for skin tones. Kodak Portra 400 is often compared with the Pro 400h, due to its similarities with colour balance and quality.

Last summer I bought two single 120 rolls from Parallax. I had tested them both on the Yashica 635 TLR camera, mainly for nature photography around the local wetlands.

Most Fuji colour films have great greens all thanks to their four film layers. The Walthamstow Wetlands shots weren’t too bad for a first try; exposure may seem a little off in some frames, but I am proud of them. I do miss using a proper TLR sometimes.

I would take advantage of the two packs I currently have until its expiry date of March 2022, or maybe let a few rolls expire… I would try to try some on my Holga and Agfa Isolette, or test out a couple on the Kodak Box Brownie.

Take care and stay safe

Monday Monthly Mentions – February 2021: Discontinued Film, Birthdays, Exhibitions, Staycations and Social Media Breaks

Monday Monthly Mentions is a new feature on my blog of posts that I will be posting every first Monday of every month, discussing topics in list form; such as photography, art, travel, creativity, plus throwing a few personal tidbits too, or anything I find interesting or would like to share…

A Fuji Family Portrait: Recent purchase from Parallax Coop, based in South London
  • It was my Mum’s birthday yesterday. Normally, we would go out for a nice meal but due to Covid and lockdown, we stayed at home and had fish and chips instead (my Dad’s idea). We washed it down with a bottle of sparkly Cava wine that I bought from work. It was lowkey, but Mum didn’t mind!!
  • Last month, Fujifilm announced that they will be discontinuing Fuji Pro 400h in both 35mm and 120. After the announcement, film customers were panic buying the film; a few photographic retailers had sold out of the film. However, on eBay there were sellers (including one photographic retailer, who shall remain anonymous) selling Pro 400h for a ridiculous amount!! Some for £45 for a SINGLE roll!! A pack of five 120 rolls for over a HUNDRED POUNDS!! That doesn’t surprise me to be honest… Thankfully I bought two packs of 120 for a reasonable price, alongside with a few rolls in 35mm that will last me for a while.
  • There’s a JMW Turner exhibition at Tate Britain until next month. I would like to visit, depending on whether the lockdown restrictions will be lifted, who knows? Some museums and galleries are having virtual exhibitions, although it doesn’t feel the same being there in person. The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize is exhibiting online as the National Portrait Gallery is currently closed until 2023.
  • The Only Way is Sussex: there is a UK staycation booking boom, since the chances of holidaying abroad is slim due to restrictions and possible quarantine upon return (fingers crossed for Malta is still going to be on the cards). Sussex Live has a list of places worth visiting this summer, including Brighton, Chichester and Camber Sands. I would like to go to a few of the places mentioned and possibly go to Brighton again – I haven’t for a few years. Having been to Eastbourne and Seaford last year, I would like to explore Sussex a bit more this year.
  • Speaking of staycations, the Guardian published an article of ‘tranquil places’ to go to in the UK. I have an eye for a few, being near to London. I was surprised to see Flatford Mill coming up, a place where my friend told me about and was interested in visiting at some point.
  • In late December I took a break from social media, now I am ‘back’ but only in small steps. I decided to take a hiatus to clear my mind and get away from the endless scrolling, also I was working quite a lot since last month. Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram, where I am known as ‘janninesphotos’
  • Lastly, I was due to post ‘Films of 2020’ entry over the weekend (initially for December), however the entry was longer than I thought after writing it in my journal by hand. I might post it at some point either this month or probably towards the end of the year…

That’s all for now, take care and stay safe!!