Film Friday: Kodak Colorplus in 35mm

For today’s Film Friday, I selected Kodak Colorplus in 35mm.

Colorplus is the cheapest colour film in the market ever, as well as Kodak’s cheapest best sellers. Despite the price hikes in both 2020 and 2021, the Colorplus is still the consumer brand film that is very popular internationally.

Fantastic Four: Still not used at the time of writing, but will be very soon…

Sadly film production has slowed down in recent times, even during the pandemic. I was very lucky to have bought four rolls of Colorplus from Parallax over a year ago, most likely before Covid 19. I think I did buy them at £3.95 per roll, before the price bumped up again.

I have been buying Colorplus for a few years, usually buying ten or more rolls at a time since it was widely available and great value for money. Reasonably priced for both the beginner and professional film photographers.

The colour quality is superb with the contrasts and tones not being too saturated, yet it still provides bright and bold colours. The Colorplus film has fine grain, which is very subtle and natural all thanks to its ISO of 200 – suitable for daylight shooting. Surprisingly enough, it’s good also for night photography, as long as there are sources of light around (i.e street lights or artificial lighting). I did try this before and the results came out warmer and soft with late evening shots I had taken in Seville. I recommend trying this out at its original box speed rather than pushing.

The availability of Colorplus is quite limited with them being out of stock on Parallax and Analogue Wonderland, to name a few also others. Selling sites such as eBay currently sell them listed almost twice the price for a single roll of 36 exposures. 24 exposure rolls tend to be cheaper, although they are a little hard to come by.

Early Evening Sunset in Nice: Shot on Canon EOS 500n

Hopefully, we aren’t going to wait any longer for Colorplus to be restocked in the near future…

Take care and stay safe

5 thoughts on “Film Friday: Kodak Colorplus in 35mm

  1. I love this film! It’s my color “go-to”, especially if I don’t need 400. It’s been also hard to find over here in the US, though it looks like B&H has it back in stock for $7 a roll. (I remember when it was $4.50 not too long ago!) I know some people like Fuji C200 more than ColorPlus, but I haven’t shot enough C200 to get an opinion on it. C200 has been really hard to find here, though a couple local shops got it back in stock, so I’ll give it a try.

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    1. When I was doing my research for this post, I didn’t know Colorplus was sold in the US. Must be a recent thing, although some Kodak products are produced over in the UK. Fuji C200 is OK, but not something I would buy although the so-called ‘Poundland Film’ was simply repackaged C200 marketed as Agfa Vista 200

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      1. Yeah, we’ve had ColorPlus for a couple years at least. I haven’t been shooting long enough to know exactly when it started to appear here.

        I’ve got a half-dozen rolls of C200 I picked up recently. I figured that I should grab ’em since color film has become so scarce! I’ll see how I like them.

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  2. I really like your photos with this film! When I have shot it myself, I haven’t really liked the results that much, but I do want to give it a try again. Hopefully there will be more stock of it soon.

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