The Petrol Station Series 3: When Everything Changes

It was the following week, Tuesday 18th February and I was in Brixton again but my stay at Photofusion was brief. I did manage to shoot around the area and beyond, despite there being a very last minute change along the way – all for good reason, which I will touch on a little later in the post.

First station of the night was Tesco Esso on Brixton Road in Brixton, of course. Just around the corner from Photofusion, also leading up to Oval and Elephant and Castle. I had almost forgotten about Tesco Esso’s existence until researching petrol stations around the South London area.

Tesco Esso – Brixton Road

The next stop was Jet on Hinton Road, not too far from Loughborough Junction Station and Coldharbour Lane. Unfortunately, once I got off the bus, it started raining so I had to juggle both my camera and umbrella. Jet was a five minute walk from the bus stop.

Jet – Hinton Road

Next stop was Applegreen in Camberwell. I took the bus there and it was still raining, even my trainers got soaked once I came off. This was the second Applegreen in South London I saw, the first in Streatham for the first series. I would eventually shoot another one in the third series in Eccles Court the following week.

Applegreen – Camberwell

The evening was going well after going to Tesco on Dunton Road in Bermondsey. Another supermarket petrol station, this time not an Esso but one with the namesake superstore nearby.

Tesco – Dunton Road, Bermondsey

Then I realised something: Old Kent Road was quite close. I looked at my list on my phone, then my Google Maps and thought to myself I could kill two birds with one stone if I went to the next stop on Old Kent Road, rather than the following week. At least get everything out of the way if altering my route.

Soon this would turn into a very long night out after the minor changes but was certainly worth it.

After Tesco, I went to Asda on Old Kent Road. Only a ten minute walk straight, I had to cross the road to go through the side road where the petrol station is located. Most Asda stations are self-service where they only accept card payments. The payment system is modern as many places like shops are taking more cashless transactions, not only from cards but from mobile smart phones and smart watches.

Asda – Old Kent Road

The sixth stop was Morrisons in Hanover Park, Peckham. This station was originally meant to be the last stop of the night before the last minute detour, which I am glad I went there after Asda. It made the bus journey less stressful and was completely straight forward without any changes. Like Tesco in Bermondsey and Old Kent Road’s Asda petrol stations, Morrisons also has a superstore located literally yards away.

Morrisons – Hanover Park, Peckham

The last three petrol stations were around the Clapham area. I took the Overground train from Peckham Rye to Clapham Junction, thankfully not a long ride but it was getting late and not for long it would rain again.

BP is located in Clapham Common North Side opposite Clapham Common park. A bit of a walk from the station to get there, although not too complicated to find. This was possibly the smallest BP I had seen so far. It has the little corner shop feel rather than a place to pump petrol in your car.

BP – Clapham Common North Side

The next stop was Texaco on Wandsworth Road, Nine Elms. I decided to walk there rather than take the bus. I did stop raining for a short while, I think. I went through backstreets and the main road to get to Texaco. I shot the stop from the outside entrance with the sign saying ‘Welcome’, with the person in front adding ‘character’ to the photo. Something a little different for this series.

Texaco – Wandsworth Road, Nine Elms

The last station of the night was Shell on Queenstown Road, Nine Elms, which is opposite Battersea Park and near to the famous Battersea Power Station. I took the photo from across the road next to the traffic lights and roundabout.

Shell – Queenstown Road, Nine Elms

The third night ended there as it was raining buckets. I got caught up again until I managed to get on the bus!!

Take care and stay safe

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